About Fair Districts NC

Fair Districts NC is a statewide campaign working to educate and mobilize North Carolinians to introduce a citizen-led process to draw our electoral districts and end gerrymandering in our state. 


Our aim is to achieve redistricting reform in time for the 2021 redrawing, when all Congressional and state legislative districts will be redrawn following the 2020 Census.


Fair Districts advocates a citizens commission as the best way to draw our districts, recognizing that having politicians draw their own districts creates a conflict of interest and leads to rigged districts, whichever party is in power.


Our approach is based on the “5 principles of reasonable redistricting reform” for a citizens redistricting commission, including how commissioners would be selected, how the commission would work, and what rules it would follow in drawing the district maps.

Fair Districts NC is a campaign rather than a formal organization.  All of its programs are strictly nonpartisan. It neither advocates for nor oppose any candidate for public office or party.

LWVNC manages Fair Districts NC activities.

Our coalition partners

Fair Districts NC welcomes North Carolina residents and organizations to join our coalition.


There is only one requirement:  endorse the 5 Principles for reasonable redistricting reform. 


Individuals and organizations are welcome to join Fair Districts NC by endorsing the 5 Principles for a citizens commission.  More than 1400 North Carolinians have endorsed the 5 Principles to date.


The following organizations have endorsed the 5 Principles and are therefore members of Fair Districts NC (in alphabetical order):

Church Women United of North Carolina

League of Women Voters of North Carolina

Libertarian Party of North Carolina

NAACP of North Carolina (and several local chapters)

North Carolina Council of Churches
Rational Republicans

If your organization would like to join us to work for a better way to draw our districts, please contact us at FairDistrictsNC@gmail.com