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The NC legislature is out of session, returning after the election. The new legislature will start up in January... but there could be a special session after the election, too. lIf you have a new legislator in your area of either party, please encourage them to support redistricting reform

Even though the legislature is closed down, this is a great time to call or write your legislators to let them know you YOU WANT FAIR DISTRICTS REFORM and expect them to take action when the new legislature convenes in January 2021. 

A special session later this year (if any) and the 2021 session will be our last chances to get reform before the 2021 redrawing, so please join us NOW and help us educate your neighbors on why we need redistricting reform to hold our representatives accountable!  

Ready to volunteer? Sign up to join the Fair Districts NC team under GET INVOLVED above and we'll get you set up.

Be sure to endorse the 5 Principles yourself, too, if you haven't already.


Want a virtual speaker for your group? Fill in the request form under "Events/ Speakers" above.  We're happy to focus on your group's interests.

You can also read the bills with bipartisan support here: H69  H140  H648

Updates for January 2020: 

  • We've posted recordings of our last two webinars, which feature two enlightening and encouraging discussions with North Carolina leaders from both sides of the aisle:

    • OCTOBER WEBINAR:  Former Sen. Pres. Pro Tem Skip STAM, Sen. Terry VAN DUYN (D-Buncombe), Reps. Craig HORN (R-Union) and Chaz BEASLEY (D-Mecklenburg

    • DECEMBER WEBINAR:  Rep. Jon HARDISTER (House Majority Whip; R-Guilford) and Rep. Verla INSKO (former House Minority Leader; D-Orange)  

  • Redistricting Year is finally here! In a few months, when the Census data are received, redistricting of our legislative, Congressional, and many local districts will begin. Although it's not clear when the data will be received (probably between April and August...), the redrawing has to be done in time for the 2022 filing period in Dec. 2021.  

  • Gerrymandering is a critical pillar for systemic racism. See the recording here of the Oct. US League of Women Voters webinar looking at how gerrymandering supports systemic racism, where we shared the virtual stage with speakers from VA and GA.

  • Now's time time to join our coalition and help prevent another decade of gerrymandering.  See our other organizational members here. There's just one requirement to become an organizational member:  endorse our 5 principles for reasonable redistricting reform! 

  • Our study on county redistricting in NC is moving ahead! If you have a story to tell about an earlier county redistricting or want to join the research team, send us an email (fairdistrictsnc@gmail.com). We're redrawing the county commission districts in 2021. You can find our recorded webinar on this topic (and follow our YouTube page!) here

 See how Gerrymandering Works--Great 2-minute video   

How do they do it??
This 2-minute video is the clearest explanation yet!

From the new redistricting movie, Line in the Street. See it on Vimeo here.

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