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The NC legislature is still in session! We're encouraging them to take up the 5 redistricting reform bills before them. The bills most likely to be discussed include H69 (Reives-McGrady), H140 (McGrady-Reives), and H648 (Warren-Hanig), the bills with the broadest bipartisan support among the 5 House redistricting reform bills

NC bill basicsWho draws the maps H69:  commission; H140:  legislative services office (staff); H648:  special master with support from commission

Who approves the mapsAll three bills:  legislature, which can amend the map after voting down commission/legislative services office-drawn map (H69 & H140) or consider other maps (H648)

Other featuresAll three bills provide important improvements to the process, transparency, and criteria, H140 also includes a constitutional amendment on these points. H140 was developed by NC4RR, an independent group led by Judge Tom Ross and Rep. Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson).

What's nextWith all attention focused on Covid19, we don't expect any action in the short session. A special session is very likely later this summer, though, so this is still a great time to press your legislator to take action. Legislative candidates in your area need to hear you want redistricting reform, too!  Let us know if you need more information on how to reach out to your legislators or candidates, write a letter to the editor, etc. You can also read the bills here: H69  H140  H648

What's next? BE SURE TO FILL OUT YOUR CENSUS FORM! And tell your friends and neighbors to do it, too. Just takes a minute or two and you can even do it on your phone. They've extended the dates for submitting data, but why wait!! Every additional person who fills out the Census in your county means up to $20,000 more in federal funds for your local health programs, roads, schools, etc.

The delay in the Census means the redistricting (which uses Census data) will also be delayed, but it must still take place in time for candidate filing for the 2022 election (normally Dec. 2021, but could be delayed a few months). We expect at least one and probably two special sessions, possibly one later in the summer and most likely another after the election, especially if control of the NC House or Senate shifts. Then the new legislative session starts in January and that's the last chance to pass reform for this redrawing! 

The coming 2020 special sessions and the 2021 session will be our last chance to get reform before the 2021 redrawing, so please join us NOW and help us educate your neighbors on why we need redistricting reform to hold our representatives accountable!


This is a great time to call or write your legislator to let them know you YOU WANT FAIR DISTRICTS 



Ready to volunteer? Sign up to join the Fair Districts NC team under GET INVOLVED above and we'll get you set up.

Be sure to endorse the 5 Principles yourself, too, if you haven't already.


Encourage friends to answer the Census!  Make sure your community gets all the federal funds it's entitled to!

Want a virtual speaker for your group? Fill in the request form under "Events/ Speakers" above. 

Updates for July 2020: 

  • We welcome Take Back Our Republic and RepresentUS Triangle as the latest FairDistricts NC organizational partners.  See our other members here. 

  • We're taking an in-depth look at county redistricting in NC! If you have a story to tell about an earlier county redistricting or want to join the research team, send us an email (fairdistrictsnc@gmail.com). We're redrawing the county commission districts in 2021!

 See how Gerrymandering Works--Great 2-minute video   

How do they do it??
This 2-minute video is the clearest explanation yet!

From the new redistricting movie, Line in the Street. See it on Vimeo here.

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